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Why Are Dildos So Popular

Dildos are one of the first sex toys most people hear about. Whether male or female it seems we all find out about dildos is before any other adult toy. So why is the dildo so popular?

Let's take a look at Dildos

Below we are going to talk about dildos from the following viewpoints:

Dildo designs

If you've spent any time checking out the range of dildos we have available here on our website then you'll know that dildos come in all shapes and sizes.

Originally dildos were designed to replicate the penis shape, and not surprisingly they were often over-sized. The penis shaped dildo is still the most popular today however the shapes and sizes of dildos are continually being changed.

It wasn't long before the dildo designers were looking to put more science into their dildos as a way of getting a competitive advantage over competing companies. It was not surpirse then when they began targeting the g-spot. The g-spot dildos were and continue to be a huge hit.

The 'stiffness' of dildos is another factor to consider when buying one. Dildos can be very soft and flexible right up to rigid designs made from glass and steel.

Control your dildo

One of the reasons people learn to enjoy dildos so much is that they have complete control over the speed and amount of arousal when using the dildo. During sex you are very much relying on finding the right tempo with your partner. With a dildo you can focus the stimulation where and when you want it.

Another benefit of being in control of a dildo is that you can manage the depth of insertion. During sex you don't have much control of how deep (or shallow for that matter) the penis is inserted. With your dildo, you decide!

What are dildos made from?

Dildos can be made from any number of materials these days however there are three main groups of materials to consider when ordering:

  1. Rubber/plastic dildos.
  2. Metal dildos.
  3. Glass dildos (Pyrex).

Most people tend to go for the jelly dildo feel due to their soft, flexible nature however the stiff metal and glass dildos have their fans too.

Metal dildos are generally made from surgical steel. In fact many steel dildos are produced by companies that make surgical instruments as their primary product.

Glass dildos are made from Borosilicate (Pyrex), a very stong material that is shatterproof.

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