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Types of Anal Sex Toys

The urge to explore anal sex is natural and probably one of the more desirable lusts when it comes to romping in the bedroom. While the fact remains that anal sex isn't for everyone, it is for some people, and those people use high quality, top-of-the-line anal sex toys to spice up their love lives.

Anal sex toys can provide couples, or singles, with a stimulating, satisfying, and addicting sexual experience! While there is an array of information about anal sex toys on the internet, it's important to start small and work your way up. Those who jump to full-sized anal dildos usually show very little sympathy towards their slow-to-stretch rectal rings. So, what kind of anal sex toys are on the market today?

  • Anal beads are one sex toy that has been around for literally hundreds of years. However, they've advanced from the splinter-leaving wooden ball-strands of primitive times, to smooth silicon surfaces and an assortment of vibrant colors. Anal beads are designed to be pulled slowly from the rectum during an orgasm; increasing pleasure as they press against sensitive anal nerves to induce stronger orgasmic contractions.

    Some self-satisfiers swear by anal beads, stating that full body orgasms are achieved with the use of this sex toy; which is a rare and fantastic thing when you're flying solo on the sex plane.

  • Anal vibrators are traditional in appearance to typical vibrators, but the similarity stops there. It's never a good idea to let your vaginal vibrators mingle with your rectal tissue, or vice versa for the anal vibes. These sex toys are designed with a flared base (commonly known as the safety lip) to prevent the vibrator from becoming lodged inside your anus; a plus for anally vibrating men!

    The anal vibrators offer more anal stimulation than a plain dildo would; thanks to the Double A batteries and a little bit of imagination on your part. Rectal tissue is extremely sensitive when it comes to any vibrating sensation, which means orgasms become magnified! Men will find anal vibrators especially pleasing because of the pea-sized prostate gland inside their rectum. These are the perfect devices for those guys who just want to shiver with pleasure.

  • Anal plugs, or butt plugs, are for gentle insertion and they're very popular amongst those who have had little anal sex experience in the past. You can leave them safely in your rectum through the duration of intercourse or masturbation. The motion of your body and nerve endings will take care of the stimulation, and your bottom becomes used to being used as an entry instead of strictly an exit.

    Butt plugs are the preference of most men because they slide up snugly against the prostate gland. Women also often use butt plugs during cowgirl position sex. The bouncing up and down naturally stimulates every lower nerve and a woman will have control over how stimulating the butt plug can be.

The most important part of anal sex, toys included, is lubrication! If you don't have enough lube, chances are you won't have a good time. Anal sex toys can be painful without the use of proper safety precautions, and this includes a healthy dose of water-based lubrication. Most sex shops carry anal sex toy lube, specifically designed to be safe on your rectal tissue.

The possibilities of great anal sex are limitless, and it can obviously be very pleasurable alone or with a partner. Personally, I would suggest masturbation with an anal toy first to get used to the idea, and then follow it up with partner play-time. It's something you must try at least once!

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