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Sex Games To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Many couples have looked for ways to add flavour to their sex life at one time or another. For new couples, sex is always as exciting as the first time they made love. However, as months or years go by, sleeping with the same person over and over gain may start to lose its zest and becomes more of a routine. If you want to bring the fire back to your sessions in the sack then here are some sex games that you might want to try.

Kama Sutra Playing Cards

If you're into card games then the Kama Sutra is a sultry card game that you are not likely to forget! Not only is this game lots of fun but it is also highly educational and will help you learn dozens of new sexual positions. Each card in the deck features an image of a new sexual position as well as the name of that position. The goal is then for you and your partner to try the position for yourselves.

Body Adventure Erotic Dice Game

This sex game is both fun and simple. The game consists of erotic dice that come in various colours. To play the game, you or your partner roll the dice to decide what sexual act you will perform. The green dice will decide on the place of the sexual encounter—it could be in the "bathtub" or the "sofa". The blue dice will then indicate the part of the body that will be the focus of the act, such as the "nipple", "toes" or "pussy". Lastly, the red dice will show you what action to perform on that certain part of the body. Examples include "bite", "tickle" or "kiss".

Advanced Sex Techniques Game

The Advanced Sex Techniques game answers the sexual needs of both men and women. Scientific studies show that men desire more variety and excitement in bed while women prefer to have more foreplay. The game comes with a spinner that you and your partner will use to decide which sexual act you will try. The first round will be acts of sensual foreplay while the second round will be erotic foreplay which is more intense in nature. Finally, the next round will offer a variety of sexual positions that you and your partner can try.

Dirty Minds

The game Dirty Minds was designed to bring naughty fun and laughter to your adult-only parties. Unlike the earlier sex games, Dirty Minds is more "innocent" in nature which is why it gained the title of "The world's cleanest dirty game". The game consists of cards that features clue or hints that seemingly point to dirty answers but are actually clues with innocent answers.

Sex Games Plus Sex Toys

Sex games are most enjoyable when they are accompanied by sex toys. There are now a great variety of sex toys that are available in the market today—from dildos and vibrators to handcuffs and other bondage instruments. When choosing a vibrator, one of the most important things that you need to decide on would be the type of stimulation you want. If you are like most women then you would probably need clitoral stimulation in order to reach an orgasm. There are are also vibrators that are designed to stimulate the most elusive G-Spot. There is also a wide variety of dildos today that differ in length, girth and materials. Other sex toys that you might want to try include cock rings, nipple clamps, anal toys and other instruments that are designed to enhance your pleasure in the bedroom.

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