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Remote Control Vibrators

While sex toys are designed to get our blood racing there is something special about remote control vibrators. Whether used alone or with a partner they have a way of really boosting our arousal. Remote control vibrators are one of the great ways to surrender control to your partner.

Depending on what you want to do with your sex toy you generally have two options of remote control vibrator. Wired or wireless. Wired remote vibrators are inserted and controlled by externally by a separate controller connected by insulated wires. The wireless are true remote control sex toys with a hand held controller independent of the vibrator itself.

In nearly all wireless vibrators there are two parts that need batteries - the controller and the vibrator itself.

One of the most common fantasies when it comes to remote controlled vibrators is the idea of using them in public. Again, this could be alone of maybe even with your partner in control. Just imagine never knowing when your cheeky partner may squeeze the one button!

We can tell you that Raunchy Republic has received a lot of positive feedback from customers who have purchased remote control vibrators. We'd love your feedback too if you buy one yourself.

Remote control vibrators are usually in the form of vibrating eggs or vibrating bullets. These sex toys can be easily inserted into the vagina or anus and deliver an earth shaking sensation. Women find that vibrators controlled remotely are great for using while receiving oral sex.

When using a fully wireless remote controlled vibrator keep in mind that you still need to be fairly close to the controller. Don't expect to be too far away. The vibrator part is inside the body after all.

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