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Lesbian Sex Toys Review

NOTE: The following is a testimonial written by one of our customers. Clearly it is a little more in depth than the average feedback so we though we'd give it it's own page on our site!

It's unusual for sex shops to advertise anything for lesbian couples apart from vibrators or traditional strap-ons. However, when my girlfriend and I stumbled upon the Raunchy Republic, we felt like we'd hit a treasure trove of pleasure possibilities! We literally max'ed out our credit card that day with loads of sexual goodies designed to keep lesbians and their partners happy. It's been a very positive experience at an affordable price! We received all of our sex toys within just a few days and it's been almost 3 weeks since we started playing. Every night we try something a little different, taking into account all the suggestions left by happy couples in the reviews.

Here are a few of my personal recommendations:

  • The Spiked Duotone Balls are the edgiest in Ben-wa balls. We got them in the "Punk Ass Pink" color, complete with nubby black "spikes" for ultra G-spot stimulation. The best part is, I can use them alone or when I'm rocking my girlfriend's world. Our favorite thing to do with these so far is putting them deep inside of her while I'm suckling her swollen clit. She has mind-blowing, earth-shattering orgasms and I love the feel of her hips grinding down to meet my tongue. These particular sex toys have been pure heaven for us, and we try to work them into our busy schedules at least once a day since they arrived!

  • I've never been a fan of dildos. I mean, after all, if I really wanted a cock then I wouldn't be with a woman, right?! My girlfriend got me completely hooked on the Bend It Ultra Double Dong! We can switch our positions easier than ever before, and the more we move our hips, the better the deep vaginal stimulation for both of us. With 13 inches in length, we can both take half and still meet in the middle for a little scissor-legging fun! I've had my best orgasms while my girlfriend is grinding her side of the double dong.

  • Out of everything we bought and all I've already told you about, my personal favorite is still the Lap Dance Thigh Strap-On. My girl can really move her body! In fact, that's one of the things that first attracted me to her. She also loves to give me lap dances that leave us panting, wet, and ready for action! This strap-on fits around my thigh so she can grind down on my leg, wriggling her hips to the music before dancing her way right to a heart-stopping orgasm. She calls this little sex toy her "stripper inspiration." Seeing it just makes her want to strip down and straddle me!

  • Our last purchase is fairly typical for most women and we can use it together or alone. The Rabbit Vibrator comes equipped with a suction cup to fit on any smooth surface. This vibrator does everything! Silicon beads spin in the shaft, while the part shaped like a rabbit's head juts back and forth. It's highly recommended by every woman who owns it, and it gives me quick orgasms for those days where I don't have half an hour to work up to it.

This online sex shop offers lesbians a chance to add a little something extra to their love lives. It's nice to see a sex toy shop being so supportive of an alternative lifestyle, and understanding that lesbians need a good screw too! I'm forever endeared to Raunchy Republic for their utmost in adult toys, discreet shipping, and bedroom suggestions. My girlfriend and I couldn't be happier with the experience.

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