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Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean

Whether you are single or in a relationship, sex toys can certainly enhance your sexual pleasure and contribute to your overall health and well-being. If you already have several favourite sex toys then keep in mind that it's also important to keep them clean. Regularly cleaning your dildo, vibrator or other sex toys will make sure that your toys are kept in good condition and that you are practicing proper sanitation. If you are sharing your toys with a partner then it's even more important to keep your sex toys clean to avoid the spread of bacteria or sexually transmitted diseases (STD's).

So what are the best ways to make sure your sex toys stay clean? The method of cleaning your sex toys will actually depend on the material of the toy.

Jelly or Rubber Sex Toys

Sex toys that are made of jelly or rubber can be very susceptible to dirt and bacteria since the jelly or rubber material is quite porous. To clean these sex toys, simply wash them with water and antibacterial soap. However, make sure that you rinse the toys thoroughly to ensure that there is no soap residue. Any leftover soap on the toy may not only damage the product but can also cause irritation to your skin. After washing, simply wipe the toys with a soft cloth or let them air dry.

There are also sex toy cleaner products that are specifically designed to clean your sex toys, such as the Anti Bacterial Sex Toy Cleaner. This cleaner will gently clean the surface of your toys but will efficiently eliminate bacteria. Another mild cleanser is Clean Vibe Anti Bacterial which is ideal for all kind of toys like butt plugs, dildos and vibrators.

Silicone Sex Toys

Unlike jelly toys, silicone sex toys have non-porous surfaces which allows them to resist bacteria better. However, this does not mean that you should not clean your silicone toy after each use. Like jelly-made sex toys, it's also important that you wash your silicone products with water and antibacterial soap. If your toy is not battery-operated then you can also place it in boiling water and leave it there for about two minutes.

Glass and Steel Sex Toys

Like the two previous sex toys, glass or steel sex toys may also be cleaned by simply washing them with soap and water. If your toy does not have any electrical system or battery outlets, you may also consider putting them in the dishwasher.

Eros Clean Sex Toy Cleaner is an all-around disinfectant that is not just ideal for cleaning sex toys but is also good for other surfaces. It is even gentle enough to use on your hands! It also comes in a spray bottle so it is easier to use. Eros cleaner is good for rubber, latex and metal sex toys.

Other Sex Toy Cleaning Products

Pjur MED Clean Spray not only eliminates bacteria but it also fights some types of viruses such as enveloped lipophilic viruses. This product is safe enough to use on silicone, latex and rubber toys since it contains no alcohol that will affect the mentioned materials. Splash Antibacterial Sex Toy Cleaner is another cleaning product that's very convenient to use since it comes in a spray bottle. However, it is best to spray your toys with this product after washing them with soap and water.

Be sure to exercise extra caution when cleaning toys that have battery compartments or motors. It's also safer to remove batteries from the machine before putting it away.

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