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Jelly Dildos

Of all the dildos available from sex shops today it's the jelly dildos that seem to sell more than any other type. The term 'jelly dildos' doesn't refer to a brand of sex toys or patented material specifically. It's simply a broad term used to represent the soft, jelly like dildos.

Back when sex shops started to become more prevalent dildos were the most sold sex toys. And back then dildos were almost always made from materials that would class them as jelly dildos. Sex toy users liked the soft, flexible feeling these dildos offer. People new to using adult toys tend to choose a toy they believe will be very comfortable.

There are a number of other materials used to make modern sex toys including glass (pyrex), metal and even wood. Jelly dildos however can be made from various latex, rubber and silicones. These materials allow the jelly dildos to be molded into amazing shapes and colours and some even come scented! Advanced materials have even been developed by sex toy manufacturers to achieve the 'reel feel' that many adult toy users seek.

It is quite common for jelly dildos to have a faux scrotum with testicles to add to the realism. This concept may seem strange at first however when it comes to sexual fantasies it's these little features that things feel so very real. The feeling of having the scrotum part of the dildo up against your body as the full length of the dildo is inside you is quite tantalising.

Because the jelly-like materials are so flexible they are the most common form of double dildos. It's important for double dildos to be able to bend and alter their shape if they are to remain comfortable for the users. Also because this type of material is able to change it's shape a little it can adjust to the contours of your body when inserted. Since double dildos are used between two people at once this is an important feature that only jelly dildos can deliver.

Lubricants also work very well with jelly sex toys. The surface of this type of dildo is able to slide in and out of your body with ease when a little lubricant is used. Raunchy Republic always recommends the use of sexual lubricants when using sex toys.

There is an additional feature that many jelly dildos have that other types of sex toy don't - suction cup bases. These suction cups make it easy to stick your dildo to most flat surfaces including shower tiles for example. Suction cup bases mean you can go hands free and you can ride your dildo much like the real thing. Jelly dildos are waterproof of course so don't be afraid to take them in the shower or bath and try the suction cup out.

Looking after jelly dildos is simple. Just keep them clean and stored safely, away from heat or sunlight. We suggest you get yourself some sex toy cleaner to ensure the hygiene of you dildo and other sex toys.

There are some great choices if you are looking to buy jelly dildos right here at the Raunchy Republic online sex shop. We've been selling jelly sex toys online for years to Australian customers who like to keep things in the bedroom raunchy!

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