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Double Dildos Bringing Women Together

Double dildos have been one of the top selling sex toys for lesbians for decades. And while double dildo popularity hasn't changed, the designs certainly have.

Double Dildo Designs

Double dildos are designed to be used between two women who both insert one end of the dildo at the same time. The length is so that both women can be satisfied thoroughly using a simulated sex or grinding motion.

The materials used to create double dildos is almost always extremely flexible. The jelly or rubber like material allows you to bend and flex them into a comfortable angle for both people.

Nowdays the design of double dildos vary greatly. One of the common deviations from typically design is to have one end designed for anal pleasure. In fact many double dildos are now shaped for anal sex at both ends and are popular with gay men.

Using a Double Dildo

Always make sure you are lubricated thoroughly when using double dildos. Don't let your excitement mask possible irritation occurring due to friction.

Get your partner and yourself into a rythm. Double dildos work best when you mirror each others motion - same time and tempo. This way you will get maximum penetration and control without the need to use your hands.

Double Dildos in Porn Movies

One interesting use of double dildos you may see in porn movies is when one of the female stars uses both ends on her self. Yup, one end in her vagina and the other in her butt - a one woman threesome!

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