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Dildos Vs Vibrators

The vast majority of sex toys purchased from sex shops are either a dildo or a vibrator. These two types of sex toys have been the mainstay of the adult toy world for decades so how do you decide in which is best for you?

In the end it doesn't really matter - both are great sex toys and with costs so low most people simply buy both types and enjoy the option. The costs for dildos and vibrators varies in the same price range generally with some of the high-end vibrators pushing into higher price ranges due to their features.


Dildos have a number of features that appeal to many users of sex toys:

  • Vast range of colours, shapes and sizes.
  • Various materials are used to make dildos including: rubber, pyrex, metal and others.
  • Dildos can often be bent or squeezed into shapes that taper to your body.
  • Dildos operate without batteries.


Vibrators are just as popular as the dildo with a number of features:

  • Vibrators produce a vibrating sensation that can't be replicated using fingers or dildos.
  • Allow you to use very little effort, especially for clit stimulation.
  • Can be very effective in arousing the G-spot or P-spot.
  • Can be used as a dildo when without batteries or a power supply.

Dildo & Vibrator Shapes, Sizes & Colours

The science and technology behind modern day sex toys is incredible. Competition between sex toy manufacturers is intense so any advantage is eagerly sought. Vigorous testing is performed by real people in most cases for the effectiveness of sex toy designs. Tough job huh!

The shapes of sex toys is constantly being explored and adapted for that ideal raunchy design. Fortunately the process and materials used in the production of sex toys allows for just about any design we can come up with. And colours have no limit. Take a look at our online adult store to see the range!

Vibrators and Dildos can be purchased in a range of sizes however it seems the huge dildos and huge vibrators draw the widest range of response - from yearning to fascination. The first time you see some of the monster sex toys it can be a real eye opener (let alone leg opener).

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