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Buying Sex Toys Online

Buying a sex toy for the first time can be quite an experience, especially if you go into a sex shop in person. Choosing a sex toy is a very private moment for most of us and not something we look forward to doing in front of strangers. Even Raunchy Republic staff feel a little awkward when we go into a rival sex shop for a look.

Although buying sex toys is extremely common these days we still like to keep our likes and dislikes private when it comes to things that turn us on sexually. Walking around a sex shop, possibly with other shoppers and the staff keeping an eye on you, isn't the ideal scenario for buying a sex toy. You can hardly feel comfortable buying what you want without feeling like someone is looking over your shoulder when in store.

Instead of putting yourself through this experience you'd be wise in deciding to buy sex toys online.

All of this perceived privacy intrusion comes down to your own personal outlook of course however the fact remains that most people feel very uncomfortable buying certain items in person over the counter. And buying sex toys is not the only example. Sales of other items seen as very personal also sell well online for stores other than just online sex shops. Tampons, condoms, hair loss and hair removal treatments, haemorrhoid treatments and other personal hygiene items are also examples of items that sell well online. Again, sparing the shopper's pride.

Online Sex Shop Security

Online shopping is a perfect match for the adult toy shopper that would rather stay at home and take their time looking over the various sex toys on offer from their favourite sex shop. And something that many online shoppers don't realise is that the security of online sex shops is scrutinised more closely than other types of online store. Banks and credit card processing providers put online sex shops through a serious review to ensure they are safe before granting online payment processing facilities.

Reputable online sex shops such as Raunchy Republic take every precaution to ensure their web site is safe. We don't store any information of use to any third party, even if they did manage to penetrate our security. That means we don't store your credit card information anywhere on our web site or even in our database.

If you are going to buy sex toys online then you should make sure the online store is using SSL encryption on pages where you check out or enter private information. The Raunchy Republic sex shop does this of course.

Common Concerns When Buying Sex Toys Online

There are two common concerns that every online sex shop customer wants answered before buying sex toys:

  1. What will appear on my bank statement?
  2. Will the packaging conceal what is being delivered to my address?

While we can't speak for other online sex shops we can certainly guarantee that any order placed online here at Raunchy Republic will keep your privacy closely guarded. Your banks statements will simply show the non-descript name 'Auspire Pty Ltd' instead of Raunchy Republic or any mention of sex shops or sex toys. Nobody will know what you purchased or from whom by reading your bank statements.

The packaging of your sex toy orders is also taken care of. Again we make sure that there is no mention of sex toys or sex shops on the packaging (we use Express Australia Post satchels). That includes our return address too. We also wrap the sex toys in a way that ensures nobody can pick up your order, feel their way around and work out what is inside. You don't want a nosy neighbour or workmate to realise you just had a dildo or vibrator delivered!

Buy Online, Pay Offline

Although we are an online sex shop, you can still pay offline if that makes you feel more comfortable. Simply order your sex toys online via the Raunchy Republic web site and select the Bank Deposit option as the method of payment. Once your payment appears in our bank account we will pack and ship your sex toys. You can deposit the payment via your online banking web site or even go into your nearest ANZ branch. The information you need will be available when you check-out.

Please note we don't accept money orders or cheques for orders at Raunchy Republic.


If you have any questions regarding buying sex toys online from us please contact us. We are happy help.


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