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Anal Sex Toys

When it comes to anal sex toys and trying them for the first time many of us consider it a little risqué. Much like anal sex itself. But once you get past that initial period of questioning whether you are up for using anal sex toys something special awaits.

Anal sex and anal sex toys open up a whole new range of raunchy options in the bedroom. And the sex toys available today make it a whole lot of fun.

Let us confirm something right here and now - anal sex toys are extremely popular. And clearly that's thanks to the sensational experience anal toy users are enjoying. And it appears they are spreading the word. Men and women alike are finding that using anal sex toys triggers an intensely erotic response from our bodies.

The main reason men are able to enjoy anal sex toys is because of their ability to stimulate the prostate which like it or no guys, can only be done analy. 'Straight' men will cringe at the thought of using anal sex toys probably but once they get over their inhibitions they too will learn to love a little prostate attention. Even if that means anal toys.

Women who use anal sex toys like the feeling for varying reasons. Some say it adds to the enjoyment they are getting vaginally, others say it's the breaking of taboos that does it. You may have your own reasons but either way anal sex or anal sex toys provide a special kind of magic.

As anal sex toys began to grow in popularity the sex toy designers saw an opportunity to get creative. Early anal sex toys comprised of mainly butt plugs which are fairly simple and variations of dildos and vibrators. Anal vibrators tend to be slimmer cousins of your typical vibrator designs. Inevitably however things were bound to get a little more adventurous - and they did.

One of the sub-categories of anal sex toys that really took off were the prostate sex toys. As with the g-spot vibrators and dildos the prostate anal toys were customised for a specific purpose. Reaching the prostate is not difficult at all with the right sex toys on hand. And once you get it right you are in for a wild ride!

Today there are a heap of options available if you want to try anal sex toys. The first thing you need to think about is the size of sex toy to try first. If you are unsure go for a small anal sex toy until you feel comfortable with it. Small anal sex toys are inexpensive and worth adding to your next sex toy shopping cart. Going for a bigger sex toys may be your thing and that's fine, just take your time until you get used to the feeling.

We are often preaching the benefits of using sexual lubricant when using anal sex toys and since lube is so low cost you'd be crazy not to. Comfort and pleasure levels are increased if lubricant is used during any anal play.

Now, another consideration when using anal sex toys is hygiene. Fortunately the sex toy industry has developed anal douche kits for this purpose. Anal douches are used before anal sex or before using an anal sex toy as a way as rinsing the anal cavity. Porn stars do this to prepare for an anal sex scene. Anal douche kits are also relatively cheap.

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