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Anal Douche Kits

If anal sex or using anal sex toys is something you are into then you should also be familiar with anal douche kits. An anal douche is a simple accessories that makes anal erotics more hygienic.

What is an Anal Douche?

An anal douche is designed to clean the anal cavity using water in a spraying action. A douche usually consists of a bulb like pump and an attachment nozzle.

The bulb pump serves two purposes. Firstly it holds the water that you will use to clean the anal area and it's second purpose is to be a squeezable pump that will squirt the water into your anus.

The nozzle part of an anal douche is used to get the water into the anal cavity. It is inserted into the anus so that you can squeeze the pump full of water, allowing it to gently enter the anus in a swirling or spraying action. It's this spraying of the water that performs the cleaning. Some anal douche kits comes with multiple nozzle attachments to make cleaning even more effective. This isn't necessary however it may interest you.

Using an Anal Douche

As you would have gathered from reading the information above using an anal douche is pretty straight forward. Read any instructions that come with the douche you buy if they are included. The process is generally a matter of drawing water up into the douches bulb or pump. If the nozzle isn't already attached connect it and you should be ready to go.

Before you go any further you should go to the toilet if need be. Most people try to do this before using an anal douche or before trying any anal sex. Even the porn stars do!

Now is simply a matter of inserting the nozzle into the anus, and more than just the tip. Once inside you can go ahead and squeeze the bulb or pump which will start the spraying of the water. You should probably do this on the toilet or perhaps in the shower because you will need to expel the water. Repeat the process a couple times to ensure you get a good cleaning.

Keeping Your Douche Clean

As with any sex toys its important that you keep your anal douche kit clean. This is a simple process. Wash the douche off with warm soapy water, making sure you thoroughly rinse it. You may want to repeat this process for anal douches. Then, dry the douche off and use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner to further clean your anal douche. Raunchy Republic recommends this for all sex toys but we especially encourage this for anal douches.

If you are sharing a douche kit then it is very important that you clean them extremely well. You should treat sex toys with the same caution as you would when applying safe sex practices with a sexual partner.

Buy an Anal Douche

Raunchy Republic stocks a great range of of anal douche kits right here on our online sex shop. If you need any advice on choosing a douche then please contact us.

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