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About Our Name Raunchy Republic

People often comment that 'Raunchy Republic' is a great name for a sex shop and ask what made us chose it. In explaining our choice lets start with the meaning of the words raunchy and republic. According to the Cambridge online dictionary the words have the following meanings:

  • Raunchy - connected with sex in a very clear and obvious way.
  • Republic - a country without a king or queen, usually governed by elected representatives of the people and a president.

OK sure, republic may seem irrelevant however in the psyche of most people's minds the word 'republic' conjures up a sense of freedom.

Raunchy is more obviously a good choice. If this word is, quite oddly, new to you then you may have previoulsy heard it in the forms: raunch, raunchiness, raunchiest or raunchily.

Putting these words together then we get what we think is a concise meaning - sexual freedom.

Raunchy Republic Trademark

We have a fully registered trademark for 'Raunchy Republic'. We aggressively protect our name legally when the need arises.

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