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About Nipple Pumps and Nipple Clamps

Sex toys that stimulate the nipples are an established category of products in the sex toy industry. Here we discuss the nipple pump & nipple clamps that are still somewhat a mystery to some.

Nipple sex toy topics we discuss on this page include:

Why are nipples erogenous?

Nipples are stimulated by the increase of blood flow to that region of the body. When blood flow is increased to any part of the human body the sensation is usually that of pain or irritation. Fortunately, nipples respond in the other way - sensual stimulation.

It might sound strange but some women can feel stimulated during breast feeding. It's a fine line.

Are Nipple Pumps & Nipple Clamps safe?

When used as is they are designed to be used nipple clamps or nipple pumps are absolutely safe.

The main thing to keep in mind when using nipple sex toys is to avoid leaving them on too long. The main way this can become a problem is if you fall asleep with nipple pumps or nipple clamps still attached. You could wake to find your nipples sore or irritated.

Most nipple pumps include a release valve that allow you to quickly release the suction on your nipples.

Do nipple sex toys work on men?

Some men do feel turned on by nipple stimulation. That said however most nipple clamps or nipple pumps are designed to work on women. The clasps and suction attachments are generally for nipples of female size.

If men want to try nipple sex toys then we suggest nipple clamps since they are not so dependant on nipple size.

Men's nipples do not usually enjoy the blood flow boost that female nipples do. And rarely do men feel the urge to arouse their nipples as women often do.

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