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About Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are still a new phenomenon to many people who buy sex toys so we thought we'd give you a little more information about the safety of glass dildos.

Topics we will discuss about Glass Dildos below are:

We hope that we address any questions you may have about Glass Dildos below hoever if you have questions before buying please contact us.

What are Glass Dildos made of?

The material used to make glass dildos is not the same glass you are familiar with around the house, such as that used in your windows or drinking glasses. Depending on the intended use engineers can add various materials to glass to change it's properties.

Glass dildos are made from a material called Borosilicate (commonly known as 'Pyrex'). This is a particularly hard compound that makes the glass extremely strong. It also makes it shatterproof, safety qualities that make it ideal for sex toys.

Another benefit of this tough material is that glass sex toys last. The durability is well beyond that of almost all other materials used in the manufacture of sex toys except for those made from stainless or surgical steel.

Are Glass Dildos safe?

As mentioned above the strength qualities of the material used to make glass dildos does in fact make them as safe as any other sex toy. The danger of being injured using a glass dildo comes more in the form of overuse because they feel so damn good!

As long as you look after your glass dildo you won't have any problems. The glass isn't going to splinter or break inside you or anything like that.

Are Glass Dildos comfortable as a sex toy?

People who like firm dildos also tend to like the glass dildo alternative. The surface is always silky smooth and the molding properties of glass means dildo designers can be very creative.

The shapes and colours available for glass dildos is amazing and we stock an excellent range of glass dildos right here online!

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