What’s Your Fantasy?

by Rabbit White on September 28, 2009

What is your sexual fantasy?

What is your sexual fantasy?

What if a film crew were willing to make any sexual fantasy of yours come true…no matter how elaborate, as long as they could document it. Would you do it?

I recently watched a documentary that presented this very proposition to regular people on the street…and they were serious about the coming true part. Acting Out is a 70’s documentary about real life fantasies, while the film was undeniably 70’s, it felt a bit ahead of it’s time…like a sexy pre-cursor to reality TV. Ten of the interviewees were chosen to have their fantasies made into reality–all captured on camera.

They were taken to a mansion (there’s your pre-reality TV bit) that was made into a veritable playground of kinks and sexual desire. Dozens of actors were hired (many of whom worked in the porn industry) to flesh out the fantasies, meaning the actors were willing to do whatever the participants fantasy entailed.

Some of the participants were obviously having the time of their lives, while other fantasies failed miserably. It seemed that the simpler fantasies, like a football team bang-gang or a slumberparty orgy were the ones that worked like a charm. The disasters seemed to come from the more elaborate set-ups. One man wished to publicly embarrass a group of Pilgrims by tickling their penises with a feather until they came (while a Pilgrim woman hung in a guillotine watching.) As no one could come from having his penis tickled, this was one that seemed better suited for the imagination.

All of this got me thinking about my own sexual desires. I couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous of the participants whose wishes were filled, the film crew was offering the chance of a lifetime, any fantasy–no matter what. For this once-in-a-lifetime reason I think I’d do a film like this if it were presented to me. But what fantasies would I choose to flesh out?

The crew could make any role play ridiculously real. The possibilities seemed endless, I could act out a very realistic sexy nurse/bad patient fantasy with my partner, perhaps a teacher-student fantasy with a sexy actor playing professor.

I began coming up with new fantasies “what about the possibility of me with two men…” This always seemed a bit too scary in real life, yet it now seemed safe with the padding of a film crew around.

In the end, with this far-fetched scenario, I think it is safest to go with a classic, easy fantasy that always turns you on. The people who went with weirder fantasies didn’t end up with happy endings. So for me that would be an all-girl slumberparty orgy… I don’t think I could ask for more.

What about you? Would you participate in a film like this? What fantasy would you have created?

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