Shrinkage – What Men and Their Penis Fear Most

by Raunchy Republic Manager on September 7, 2009

Penis shrinkage is real, but there is a good explanation! Penis shrinkage is real, but there is a good explanation!

Is there a grown man walking the planet who doesn’t know what shrinkage is? For some it’s no more than myth however you can take some comfort guys, shrinkage is real and there is a good reason why your body is betraying you in this way ;)

What is ‘Shrinkage’?

Shrinkage is a slang term that is practically universal which refers to the shrinking of a mans penis (and scrotum) and cold conditions. Most notably after swimming in cold water.

Why Shrinkage Happens

OK guys, burn this into your memory: “Cremaster muscle”. This is the muscle that will cause your penis and scrotum to contract involuntarily in cold conditions and possibly if you are extremely nervous.

The Cremaster muscle’s job is to regulate the temperature of your testis by raising and lowering your scrotum. In cold weather this means it will contract, bringing your testis closer to your body to retain heat.

While you may take some comfort in now knowing why shrinkage occurs, we aren’t so sure your friends will buy the explanation. Good luck!

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