Sex for Science

by Rabbit White on November 4, 2009

Sex For Science

What would you do sexually for science?

What would you do sexually, in the name of science? has a fantastic group of articles covering that very inquiry. I was excited to come across this bunch of delicious sex-writing as it was on the coattails of Time Out’s lackluster sex issue. Nerve’s “I did it for Science” really hit the sweet-spot.

The stories range from first time real-doll sex, to first time threesomes to watching 24 hours of Sex and the City. This isn’t ground breaking stuff, but the point is that these are things the writers would not normally do, things they are doing for a sexual experiment—in the name of science!

This experimental question brings up all sorts of interesting quandaries. I could come up with a list of things that I would not normally sexually do, but would be willing to do for the sake of experiment, my writing portfolio and yes, money. I didn’t realise how closely I’d be willing to walk the “sex for money” line.

But, I think what really excites me about the idea of sexually exploring “for science” is not the meager writer’s paycheck that would follow but the idea of simply experimenting in the bedroom for the sake of experimentation. These writers were given a reason to break outside of their regular sex-molds, and that is what is exciting. I’d like to take this idea and apply it to my sex-life…what could I experiment with that I would normally wouldn’t do? Looking at it this way, there seems to be a lot of things I should try….in the name of science.

What about you? If you had to conduct some sexual experiments of things that you normally don’t do, what would you be willing to try?

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