Orgasmic Birth – a Film Review

by Rabbit White on September 9, 2009

Orgasmic Child Birth

Orgasmic Child Birth

It was last year that I first heard of the female phenomenon of getting off while giving birth. I happened upon a trailer for the documentary film Orgasmic Birth by, childbirth educator and doula, Debra Pascali-Bonaro. Upon pressing play I was met with the moaning-in-pleasure sounds of a woman in the midst of an intense orgasm. Only these women weren’t writhing around in bed with a partner, they were in the middle of giving birth.

After watching the trailer, I was left with a smile on my face. This was  unbelievable, it was like these women had found the best kept secret of all time, and it somehow made sense.

I recently watched the film and was able to understand why my initial reaction was correct. As the baby makes it’s way down the vaginal canal, this arouses the same parts as it would during sex, as well as similar-to-sex uterine contractions and nipple erection. Just as in orgasm, the hormone oxytocin is also released

However, the point that Orgasmic Birth makes is that in hospital births, intimacy and pleasure are not encouraged. The film follows many couples during their sensuous at home births and the comfort level clearly makes a difference. Many of the couples kiss and caress through the birth process. It has also been reported that some couples have intercourse during labor, which is also reported by these couples to be “amazing, life changing sex.”

As orgasmic birth becomes less of a taboo and more of something to work towards achieving in childbirth, it seems that sex would become more of a purposeful part of it. Along with the partner’s caresses and kisses wouldn’t it then make sense to add a vibrator or favorite sex-toy? I think that as we work towards a more sex-positive society, phenomenons like these that were once hushed-best-kept-secrets leave room for so many more possibilities. It brings up many questions of human sexuality, of anatomy and pleasure and boundaries of eroticism.

What do you think of orgasmic birth?

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