Japanese Sex Toys

by Contributor on November 2, 2011

My last day in Tokyo, Japan and I was getting ready to leave for my flight back. Leaving the fascinating city of extreme contradictions I took with me memories and stories that I couldn’t wait to share. It was my first time in Japan and although I have heard, seen and read so much about the country, as soon as I stepped out of Narita Airport, I knew that whatever I was told will not prepare me for what awaited me.

Along the busy streets in the general shopping area were vending machines after vending machines. Some machines sold innocuous toys that range from small, very detailed action figures to high tech gadgets such as miniature game consoles. I have heard of sex toys in Japan being sold indiscreetly from vending machines, and it did not take long for me to quickly find one. It was right next to vending machines selling candy, soda and kids’ toys! Decorated in colourful cartoons of doe-eyed Japanese girls and labelled in childlike Japanese font, the machines looked barely any different from the ones that sold regular toys and candy.

Apart from the usual sex paraphernalia like condoms, cock rings, lubricants and studded silicone ticklers there were capsules containing some other things we would most likely not find in the west. There were capsules containing a girl’s photo and phone number, it was like “phone pal in a capsule”. Some capsules claimed they contained used school girl’s undergarments for people who were into the schoolgirl fetish to sniff and masturbate to. And of course, there were actual “toys”. Figurines of naked anime girls in erotic poses and even predicaments (some were shown to be raped).

While I was engrossed in my purchases, amazed that these pornographic toys were so readily available, my guide informed me that this was merely the tip of the iceberg. He told me that we should head to Kabukicho after I drop off my things. When asked what is there to see in Kabukicho, he asked me if I know “jubutsu” or fetish I nodded my head as comprehension dawned on me.

So it looks like Kabukicho is where it’s at. I was thinking of the most taboo fetishes I have seen on Japaneses porn and wondered what else is there to see. I have seen extreme BDSM fetishes involving rape and torture, coprophilia (fetish with feces/defacation), urophilia (fetish with urine/ urination) and all forms of bestiality with well-endowed mammals.

Now I don’t think places other than Japan have any of those and maybe not too many people would be as deviant anyway. However, a lot of people could definitely learn a thing or two about daring from the Japanese. Having an open-mind about sex makes the experience more interesting and very rarely boring.

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