How Big Was King Kong’s Penis?

by Raunchy Republic Manager on February 12, 2013

A while back we posted an image on the Raunchy Republic Facebook page that made reference to the great beast’s penis size. Well, we’ve done the math and it seems Kong really did have reason to be angry!

According to Peter Jackson, director of the 2005 version of King Kong, the mythical Gorilla stood 25 feet tall. This gives us a reference point for the following equation.

25′ tall / 5’9″ (the average Gorilla height) = 4.35 (the scale)

So, with the average Gorilla penis measuring just 1.25 inches we get the following:

4.35 x 1.25″ = 5.44″

That’s right, Peter Jackson’s King Kong had a penis just 5.44 inches in length!

King Kongs Penis

Perhaps an illicit affair with a human wasn’t out of the question after all. Naomi Watts was unavailable for comment.

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