Couture Condoms

by Rabbit White on October 10, 2009

I don’t have a penis, but if I did, it would be excited about these custom-fit condoms (PDF file). All you have to do is print out the tool-sizing-tool, measure your guy then order the specialty tailored rubbers.

Why is this a good thing?

Well as an example did you know that the US Food and Drug Administration does not allow much larger or smaller condoms? Meaning Magnums really aren’t that much bigger and the smaller ones, not that much snugger. The number of times I have heard complaints about the fit of condoms is so astounding, not only from men but women too (baggy latex dragging in and out doesn’t exactly sound appealing, does it?). Surely these sized-to-fit condoms give us all one less reason to complain and to actually use condoms. If you are going to the length of special ordering these fancy condoms, I think it is more likely you’ll bust one out.

And is it just me, or does the whole idea of having tailored condoms sound kind of sexy? Like you can’t wait to try them? Because I am in a monogamous committed relationship, I don’t really use condoms anymore. Which at first was a relief, I was once a person who bitterly used condoms, claiming they took away from the act.

This all changed one night. After months of bare, birth control protected intercourse, I realized I was behind on my birth control. So as my partner and I kissed, clothes coming off, he reached to the nightstand and pulled out a rubber. Our already heated foreplay went skyrocketing through the roof. It was definitely the condom that was getting us over the top. Was it that the condom reminded us of single casual sex? Or our ferocious early dating sex? Or was it just the ritual of the condom, opening the nightstand drawer, opening the package, rolling the condom on. Whatever it was, I now think condoms can be pretty sexy, something that only adds to the mix.

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