Adult Online Shopping At Work

by Raunchy Republic Manager on August 7, 2009

Adult Online Shopping at Work

Adult Online Shopping at Work

With so many people having internet access at work it’s no real surprise that some of them are buying adult products. There is one thing to keep in mind if you work in a large organisation or perhaps secure building however. It happened to a friend of mine and yes, we had a great laugh at her expense!

Never thought of that!

This friend, who will want to remain nameless, did a bit of adult online shopping when I was living in London years ago. She worked for a big corporation in one of the more secure buildings in the city.

She bought vibrator. No big deal. However just for laughs I thought I’d bring something to her attention that sent chills down her spine – the mail sorting x-ray machine!

She used her work address as the delivery address and I had her convinced that the security guards would have had no trouble identifying her vibrator passing through the x-ray. She went white.

Eventually she saw the funnny side of it. After all there were thousands of people in her building and the security guards probably didn’t think much of it. Still I think she spent the next week shuffling through the foyer kind of quickly.

Buying Sex Toys At Work

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