When is Someone Considered Gay?

by Raunchy Republic Manager on January 29, 2011

It may seem obvious to determine however the differing attitudes towards what or who is considered gay, be it male or female, varies depending on who you ask. So what do you consider to be the definition of homosexual? What does it take before someone is seen to be gay or lesbian?

For many people the determination is as simple as having sex with people of the same gender. It may surprise these same people that there are people who have same sex intercourse and yet don’t see themselves as gay. This is a common attitude amongst male prisoners who have sex with other men in prison then emerge from jail claiming to be completely heterosexual. They then resume heterosexual relationships for the rest of their lives.

This is a topic that quickly becomes complex. While the definition is hard to isolate, you also need to add to the mix various cultural and religous beliefs and the variations in attitude increase exponentially.

Is someone gay as soon as they start feeling attracted to the same sex or fantasising about same sex partners? Are you only to be considered gay upon actually having sex with someone of the same gender? Is kissing enough to be listed is gay? The questions are many, and the answers are infinite.

If you think have have a method for working out who is and who isn’t gay then apply your reasoning to people who identify as being bi-sexual. Does your theory still hold up? Do you accept that someone can be bi-sexual or are they simply gay because they also have same sex relations?

We find these questions can influence the classification of sex toys. If we were to put a sex toy into a category that targets gay men for example, this may result in heterosexual men deciding not to buy that sex toy as they would feel this identifies them as gay.

What are your thoughts?

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