My Straight Boyfriend Gets Some Anal Attention

by Raunchy Republic Manager on October 27, 2011

So I was with my boyfriend last week, walking down Nobby Beach when I saw this super adorable “modern day” Kimono inside a discount shop. It was unlike any other I have ever seen before and with Halloween right around the corner, I had every excuse to buy it. It was short, just barely covered my butt, and was of a lurid pink colour that I’m sure isn’t traditionally found in real Japanese Kimonos.

I was pretty surprised when my boyfriend, who usually makes me feel frivolous for spending hard-earned money on what he calls “useless stuff”, told me, and I quote:

“You should get it bub. You’ll look absolutely gorgeous in those. Get it before someone else does.”

I didn’t bother trying it on at the store so I immediately did so when we arrived home. Well, well, well! Before I even got around to tying the obi belt, boyfriend started coming on to me! Turns out, the bloke recently developed a sort of fetish for Manga and has been watching Hentai! He wanted to role play with me!

After our first experience with sex role play, which involved a lot of awkward giggles, we nevertheless decided that it was heaps fun and we thought we’d like to try other bedroom games. Firstly, we indulged ourselves with some Hentai videos hoping to get ideas.

A couple of videos later, he said he wanted to watch me have sex with someone else, he reckoned voyeurism would be very erotic. I may be a pretty open-minded person, but I don’t reckon I would be very comfortable rooting another guy in front of my boyfriend. Suddenly I had a light bulb moment! Though, it seemed ridiculous, I suggested it anyway, why not use blow-up dolls!

We found this male blow up doll online, name of “Big Roy the Plumber Boy“, how funny is that? Seriously laughed ourselves silly before deciding to give it a burl, like, heck! Why not? We ordered it online along with a few other things too as we found a plethora of sex toys we were itching to try out when we were trawling the net for blow up dolls.

Though the blow up doll lost its novelty after our second or third time with it, our sex life was enhanced with some of the other sex toys we ordered.

My boyfriend has never before had his prostate stimulated, but owing to our new found sexual curiosity, he allowed me to use a prostate probe on him, the kind that vibrates. At first he was very reluctant to do it but since I pointed out to him that I will only let him restrain me and play out his rape fantasy with me if he lets me do this, he finally consented.

He really enjoyed it too! He was trying so hard not to make faces and moan when the prostate probe was set to its maximum vibration power. The one we used was Dr Joel EZ Reach Prostate Probe, which is about 6 inches. What I did was I eased it in slowly after making sure he was well lubricated, and I set the vibration on the lowest, when it started vibrating, I guess he started feeling the pleasure as he kind of moved back and forth so it went in deeper in him. It really turned him on so we kept it in while we made love. I had the remote so I played around with it and it was fun as he moved in tune to the vibration.

I swear I have never seen my boyfriend that way. He even says it was something he never thought he would enjoy, but when he was getting his prostate stimulated the sensation radiated to the head of his penis in a very intense way unlike any he ever felt before!

More guys really should try prostate sex toys!

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