Whatever Happened to K-Y Jelly?

by Raunchy Republic Manager on June 19, 2010

From its humble beginnings as a surgical lubricant to becoming one of the most popular sexual lubricants available, K-Y Jelly has been a success story for a very long time.  So is it really stiff competition (pun intended) that now threatens its future?

For the early part of its existence K-Y Jelly was used by doctors for medical applications (in its sterile form). In 2004 however the sterile version was discontinued.

As a personal lubricant, sales have been strong for decades and it is widely renowned as the most powerful brand in the general lubricant category. There are a number of reasons that point to K-Y Jelly’s popularity:

  • It doesn’t react with latex or silicone based sex toys and condoms.
  • It doesn’t contain perfumes or colours.
  • K-Y Jelly does not stain making it very easy to clean of all surfaces and materials.

In more recent times however the number of lubricant producers and variety of lubricants produced has grown dramatically. Competition has exploded and the lubrication market is flooded with products with fancy names and far more attractive packaging. K-Y Jelly has its work cut out.

Despite the competition the makers of K-Y have resisted any major packaging changes. They have released variations of the product aimed at people who use it for sexual enhancement but K-Y Jelly itself remains pretty much the same. Nowadays there are few people under 30 years of age who will be all that familiar with K-Y. For those who do use lubricant it’s not likely to be their first choice so is there a future for the classic product?

We think that this brand enjoys somewhat of a cult following and so will continue to have its share of the market – for now. But unless there is an overhaul of the branding and marketing then this timeless classic will soon have its time running out.

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