Finding Information On Genital Herpes

by Raunchy Republic Manager on August 4, 2009

Women: Twice as likely to get Herpes

Women: Twice as likely to get Herpes

Genital Herpes is one of the most common STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) and one that is not curable.

However Herpes can be treated and managed effectively with the right advice.

Online Help For Genital Herpes

If you have ever searched the web for information on STI’s then you’ll know that most of the advice websites are run or sponsored by major drug companies with an invested interest in selling disease treatments. That aside, they do provide some very useful facts.

Two such Australian websites are:

These two sites offer straight forward advice on Genital Herpes. also offers an online questionnaire to see if you have the symptoms.

Condoms Stop Herpes, Right?

No, not entirely. They certainly reduce the risk and should be used if you or your partner has Genital Herpes however they are not 100% effective in this case.

Is It Safe To Have Sex With Herpes

You shouldn’t have sex during an attack of Herpes, even with a condom. The Facts website states that 70% of people who get Herpes do so when their partner is not showing any symptoms.

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