Weighing Up Sex Toy Reviews

by Raunchy Republic Manager on May 2, 2013

Searching for websites that post reviews of sex toys will return some…interesting results. The motives behind such websites are as varied as the number of opinions you will discover.

Why do people create sex toy review websites?

The concept seems simple enough – try a sex toy and then post your review of your experience and the toy’s effectiveness on a blog or website. However, there is often more to the story than simply imparting this knowledge on readers.

The first incentive and probably the most influential is financial. Most sex toy reviewers are paid for writing their reviews either directly in the form of a one-time payment (paid posts or advertorials) or indirectly via affiliate commissions where they get a percentage of each sale they refer to online sex shops like ours. As with most opinions formed with a financial influence you need to be aware that the review of a given sex toy may be unjustly positive. Conversely, a sex toy review may be negative if a manufacturer seeks to create a negative view of a competitors sex toys! After all, this is a very competitive industry.

Another way reviewers can benefit from a relationship with sex shops is by receiving free sex toys – for the purpose of reviewing them of course. Many sex toy reviewers post pictures of their ammassed collection of sex toys after years of writing reviews. For someone that really does enjoy using sex toys this can be payment enough!

How do sex toy review websites make money?

When you look at most sex toy review websites you will notice that banner advertising (ads that are images or buttons) takes up a large part of the website. For many reviewers these ads are the money maker which pays for the time and effort that goes into creating and maintaining the site. The more subtle method of generating revenue, and possibly a more effective way of generating affiliate commissions, is by linking to sex toys on online sex toy shops from the text in articles or blog posts about sex toys. These text links fit naturally within the review and allow readers to click through to see the sex toys being praised or scorned direct from the review.

Write a sex toy review yourself!

The Raunchy Republic online sex shop welcomes sex toy reviews from our customers. And, its very easy to contribute with your review. Simply visit the page on our online store for the product in question, scroll down and write your review. We love to hear feedback from our customers and reviews influence which sex toys we choose to stock. Who knows, we may even publish your review right there on the product page (so perhaps you should use an alias)!

Keep in mind that everyone is different

Whether you choose to read sex toy reviews by others or write your own keep in mind that we are all different. Two people may experience the same sex toy very differently. Sexual arrousal is complex, individualistic and can change depending on a myriad of factors.

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