Sex Toy Packaging Needs a Change

by Raunchy Republic Manager on July 9, 2011

There are few online shopping markets more reliant on the internet than the sex toy industry. However sex toy packaging is not ideal for stores that post their sales. So what can be done to improve the packaging of sex toys to make them easier and cheaper to post?

The primary issue we have with most adult toy packing is the wasted space. Because the retail industry has a history of stacking products on shelves the product marketing industry quickly realised that you could generate more sales by having packaging that occupied plenty of shelf space with lots of enticing messages and pictures on the outside. While this may help sell products in physical stores, it’s problematic for online stores.

It’s also worth mentioning that excessive packaging isn’t great from an environmental view-point.

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity it may now be time for product manufacturers to consider using smarter packaging options that have postage limitations in mind. By reducing the weight and dimensions of product packaging postage costs can be reduced. And not just for sex toys.

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