My First Anal Sex Experience

by Raunchy Republic Manager on May 16, 2013

The following is a real-life account of a first-time anal sex experience. It was written by one of our anal toys customers who agreed to reveal her experience anonymously here on the Raunchy Republic sex blog.

My first anal sex encounter was probably 4 years after I had lost my virginity so I was very comfortable with sex. While I had never really thought much about anal sex until that point it wasn’t something that I had decided to rule out should it come up one day. Well, it did come up with one partner and so the moment had arrived – do I or don’t I?

I can remember the moment so vividly. My partner and I were having sex, in the doggy-style position (a guys favourite world-wide I think) when he started hinting at trying anal. I could tell he was testing to see what my response would be. He had put his fingers in my butt before during sex, especially in this position, so I guess he was feeling confident he’d get a positive response. I paused. I knew that if I agreed I was seconds from getting butt fucked for the first time!

As he waited for a response I could feel him thrusting into me with more vigour. Clearly the thought of anal sex was exciting him. Soooo, I finally said “ok we can try, but you’ve got to go reeeeeally slow and if I say stop, you stop”! “Yeah, of course” he quickly replied. Guys….so accommodating when they get what they want ;)

Anyway, a heap of vaseline [petroleum jelly] later he tried to put it in for my first time. Urgh, I was so tense that he wasn’t getting anywhere penetrating me. I wasn’t resisting, just a bit nervous. After a few attempts however he started to inch in (pardon the pun). Its hard to describe the feeling accurately. It feels big [his penis] and very tight, and it isn’t long before it feels a little bit….not painful…dull perhaps? Not enough to stop trying but not exactly comfortable either.

After he made a few short, slow thrusts I asked him to just leave it in for a moment and let me get used to it. I think we waited about a minute until I told him to start-up slowly again. It was easier now and I could feel the vasoline helping me handle it.

I’m not sure when it happened but it wasn’t too long before I was very comfortable. I think I was starting to relax but I felt something was missing so I started to rub my clit. Ahhh, now we were cooking! There was something strange but good about being butt fucked and realising how much he was enjoying it. I felt I was the one in control now!

Surprise, surprise, he came after about 5 mintues. Not that I was complaining this time since I was wondering how I’d feel later after we stopped. Without a condom and without the risk of me getting pregnant he treated himself to orgasming inside me….guys.

My Anal Sex Newbie Suggestions

If I had to give a friend advice on receiving anal sex for the first time I would suggest they practice a few times before doing the real thing. Get an anal dildo or something and experiment on your own until you are really familiar with the feeling and relaxing yourself. And always, always use lube. I really don’t think I could have done it without some help. After doing it a bunch of times it gets much easier and you can do it lube free however anal is always better with lubricant.

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