How to Prepare For Anal Sex

by Raunchy Republic Manager on January 14, 2012

If you want to experience anal sex then there are a few steps that will make it a lot more fun. Preparing for anal sex is easy and when done properly will be a lot more hygienic. Ready to get started?

To start with here is the short list of anal sex preparation tips, expanded information follows:

  1. Consider a 24 hour fast
  2. Use an anal douche
  3. Lubricate well
  4. Warm up with some anal sex toys
  5. Penetration with slow, controlled movement

Consider a 24 hour fast
Fasting (not eating) is something nearly all porn stars do when preparing for an anal sex scene. The idea is simple – by clearing your bowels leading up to anal sex you are able to clean the anal cavity far more effectively with an anal douche (see below). By fasting for 24 hours your body has time to process and expell waste.

Use an anal douche
Using an anal douche will dramatically increase the cleanliness of anal sex. An anal douche is a simple invention that uses water to clean the anal cavity. Typically a soft rubber bulb is filled with water and attached to a slim insertion tube. The tube is then gently inserted into the anus. You can then squeeze the water bulb, flushing the anus. This can be repeated a couple times until clean and is best done in the toilet or shower.

Lubricate well
It is strongly recommended that you use a lubricant when using anal toys or when having anal sex. Lubricant not only increases the pleasure of anal sex but it also increases the safety. Many people overlook lubricant however we suggest that you always use it for anal play.

Warm up with some anal sex toys
There are many muscles and a lot of soft tissues in and around the anal cavity so it’s a good idea to warm up prior to anal sex. Using anal sex toys is a great way to prepare your body and again, be sure to use lubricant. Don’t rush, allow your body to adjust to the anal toys and you will be in good shape for the real thing.

Penetration with slow, controlled movement
When it comes to actual sexual penetration you need to take your time. Although the person penetrating may be tempted to get into a fast rythm the receiver will be pleased if you take your time when it comes to anal sex. As with the warm up with anal toys it pays to allow some time for the body to adjust.

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