Brush Up On Your Sex Positions

by Raunchy Republic Manager on August 1, 2009

How many sex positions names do you know?

How many sex positions names do you know?

If you start a conversation on sex positions (strange, but some of us do) you will only have to wait a matter of seconds before the “alpha sex guru” amongst you emerges – or so they will have you believe.

So What Sex Positions Are There?

The list is as long as it is diverse. Many of them are widely known such as: missionary, doggy style and the spoons position. However there are many more sex positions for the real sexual adventurer.

Rather than recreate a list here, I suggest you read the List of Sex Positions on Wikipedia. It’s both informative and just a little bit funny. Real pictures of sexual acts are not allowed on Wikipedia so you’ll notice the diagrams, which are a little rough.

Keep your eye out for some classic sex position names such as: the ‘Rusty Bike Pump’, the ‘Airtight Seal’ and our favourite name the ‘Rusty Trombone’.

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