The Benefits of Scheduling Sex

by Rabbit White on September 19, 2009

Could sex scheduling improve your sex life?

Could sex scheduling improve your sex life?

To many, scheduling sex sounds very un-sexy. We often think of it as something reserved for disconnected couples as a last hope, or too cold and rigid, something that would suck all of the spontaneity and hotness out of sex.

Yet the flip side to this argument is that scheduling sex can lead to hotter, more frequent sex – and who isn’t open to that?

Scheduling Sex Keeps you Healthy
Biologist Winnifred Cutler found that regular sex (though, not masturbation) is very good for you. Having sex at least once a week regulates a woman’s hormones and increases a man’s testosterone levels. What better way to ensure this health incentive than by making a weekly sex date.

Something to Look Forward To
If you know that Wednesday night is a sex night, you might be more inclined to fantasize about it all day, thinking of things you wish to do. It leaves more room for planning and preparing.

Hotter Sex
With that last point it seems easy to see why scheduled sex could be hotter. Some of the steamiest sex I’ve ever had is the sex that I prepared for. Planning makes me excited and able to bring a lot more energy and efficacy to the bedroom.

…Which leads to more Sex
When I regularly have sex, I feel all around sexier and randier, meaning I’m more likely to also initiate spontaneous sex. Scheduling sex puts sex on the brain and thinking about sex generally means more sex.

Scheduling sex is a great option for busy couples, couples who tend to have sex when they are tired or couples with off-schedules. However, these benefits would work for anyone. I say why not try penciling it in. Happy planning!

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