Discreetly Packaging Sex Toy Orders

by Raunchy Republic Manager on May 13, 2012

One of the things we take very special care with when you order sex toys from us online is the way we package your order for deliver. There is more to consider than just packing your sex toys safely when privacy is a concern.

Depending on where you ask us to post your order you may find that someone you know or work with will take delivery and pass your package on to you. Would it be embaressing if they could tell what was inside just be feeling the package? Your choice of sex toys may not be something you want to share with everyone.

Raunchy Republic treats the entire purchase and delivery process as an extremely private matter. So, when it comes to packaging we take every step to ensure your privacy is protected by wrapping your sex toys in a way that conceals the contents. These steps ensure that nobody can feel their way around your package and work out what might be inside.

Online shopping is as safe as any other form of ‘real world’ shopping experience and we work very hard to let our customers know that we will look after them. Buying sex toys online from Raunchy Republic is very easy and we want you to know that our service extends right to your front door.

Where possible we use bio-degradable and/or recyclable packing materials to pack your orders. Looking after the environment is something we can all do and so we ask that you recycle what you can from your sex toy packaging. If your orders from us have a blue bubble-wrap used to protect your sex toys rest assured that it is a bio-degradable type. We also use a cardboard wrapping on some orders to help conceal the shape of the sex toys.

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