Create Sex Toy Wishlists at Raunchy Republic

by Raunchy Republic Manager on February 8, 2013

We have just uploaded a short video that demonstrates just how easy it is to create wishlists on the new Raunchy Republic sex shop website. There are two types of wishlist:

  1. Private, viewable only to the account creator. Default option.
  2. Shareable, viewable to anyone who knows the unique link.

While we call it ‘shareable’ it isn’t easy to discover. Our system creates a custom link made up of a lot of random characters so only the wishlist creator and the people they share their wishlist link with are ever likely to see it. The video below will show you what we mean.

Even if a link to one of your shareable wishlists falls into other people’s hands your privacy is protected. A list won’t disclose who made it or any other personal information. Its just a handy tool for letting others know what you might like them to buy you from Raunchy Republic’s online sex shop. Post it on your Facebook wall or in an email!

TIP: If you would like a shorter link to send your friends or perhaps for a SMS text message simply copy and past your shareable link into a URL shortening tool such as or Google’s and get a nice small link.

What are you waiting for? Get your first wishlist created and start adding all the raunchy products you’ve always wanted to try!

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