Men Buy More Sex Toys Than Women?

by Raunchy Republic Manager on March 9, 2014

Depending on which survey results you want to believe, it is said that in Australia for people under 45 that up to 85% of all retail purchasing decisions are made by females. That’s a pretty amazing figure, and it goes some way to explaining the number of TV commercials that target young women.

When you consider that most people think that the majority of sex toys are purchased by women you would think that our sales data would reinforce the survey results mentioned above. However, this is not the case, at least not for us. Over the past 12 months approximately 60% of all orders were made by males on the Raunchy Republic online sex shop. And remember, we don’t sell pornography, just sex toys.

As you may have already guessed many of these orders placed by men included products specifically aimed at women and so they were probably buying for their partners. Whether their partner was aware of this fact at the time, well, we will leave that for you to decide.

Why we have seen an increase in male customers over the past 12 months is unclear however these numbers are likely to ebb and flow with time. We cater to both men and women equally and have not boosted our inventory of male products in any significant way that may affect these numbers.

So come on girls, start experimenting. If you see something that takes your fancy place an order and you will never more eagerly anticipate seeing the mail man stopping at the front of your house! As always, your privacy is assured.

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