Why We Will Never Sell Bath Salts

by Raunchy Republic Manager on May 12, 2012

If you have ever visited a sex shop, tobacco store or the type of place that sells bongs and other drug paraphernalia you may have come across what is commonly called ‘bath salts‘. Seems like a strange item to be found in these stores right? Well you’d be right to think so however as you may have guessed ther is more to the story.

Before we go any further take a look at the investigation by ABC News in the United States:

Bath Salts

If you watched the video above you were probably amazed at how quickly these products can take a normal person and twist their thoughts with dire consequences.

This story goes to the heart of ‘legal drugs’. Legal in that they have not yet been made illegal. Why would any normal person even consider selling this garbage to people just to make a few bucks. Besides, aren’t there already enough options if getting high is your thing?

If you are into party drugs then that is one thing but we’d urge everyone to avoid these bath salts (which aren’t really bath salts BTW). Having a good time and pulling an all nighter (or weekender) is a lot of fun but don’t let it end with an attempt at suicide or in an emergency ward by trying to put the bath salts notch on your belt.

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