Taking Sex Toys Away on Holidays

by Contributor on January 29, 2012

Any Australian customs or security person can tell you that it’s no great surprise to find sex toys in luggage. And in Australia that’s not a problem, but is it ok to take sex toys away overseas with you?

As far as Australian law goes our authorites have no problem with it. You may get the odd raised eyebrow but you certainly aren’t doing anything wrong by having sex toys in your luggage. Once you get to your destination however things can be very different.

Where sex toys are illegal you will probably get a warning and your raunchy toys will be confiscated. Some countries do have fines but you’ll struggle to meet someone who has actually been fined. The countries that take the offence seriously on the other hand are not always satisfied with fines, and you could be looking at some real legal trouble. ‘Moral’ crimes can carry severe punishment in less liberal societies.

Don’t guess!

You’d be surprised which countries take exception to sex toy ownership. Thailand is a good example. Anyone who has been to Thailand for more than 5 minutes will no doubt know something about the red light industry in the country. It’s hard to avoid, even when there is no interest in it for you. The ‘girly‘ bars are never too hard to find. This makes the fact that sex toys are illegal in Thailand somewhat of a surprise. In a place where just about anything goes, sex toys are not welcome.

If you are not sure about country you are visiting with regard to their policy on sex toys do some ‘Googling‘. Enter something like ‘sex toys legal thailand‘ for example, see what you can find out.

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