Stroking More Than Just His Ego

by Contributor on November 2, 2011

I had never considered male strokers a masturbatory solution until I gave birth to my daughter, and my devoted husband endured 6 weeks of a sexless marriage. That’s when our sex toy escapades became adventurous! I had always thought male strokers were basically preparing a guy for the next step away from a vagina that wasn’t his significant others’.

I always thought if I bought my man something like that then he would love this fake vagina more than me, and he would eventually seek out something that resembled his male stroker, not his wife and the mother to his 3 kids. I had never even broached the topic of possibly owning my own vibrator for fear of upsetting my husband! However, I shoved my sex toy negativity aside in exchange for a pleasured and satisfied hubby.

After that, it was bye-bye irrationally jealous wife; and hello to the new woman who loves to watch as her hubby gets off with his new toy! Now, I’m not worried about him straying because his “mistress” is safely tucked away in our bedroom dresser drawer. She only gets to come out to play when I’m feeling like a voyeur, or on long trips away from my beloved; no marriage disruption at all! She stays as tight as he likes it, and it saved him from sexless boredom for the 6 weeks I was indisposed.

I came to find out that many women were just like me when it came to buying their husband something to masturbate with; but would you honestly want him suffering without physical intimacy for six weeks? Didn’t think so!

We make his male stroker personal by incorporating it into our foreplay! His sex toy is a classic version, made of see-through ‘super skin’ latex in the shape of a sensual vagina. I can literally watch him penetrate over and over again until he blows his load inside this faux pussy! This has allowed me to see the exact movements and twitches my husband’s penis makes the moment before and after orgasm. It’s like a bedroom science experiment with a sexy, completely naughty twist!

Hubby says the trick to making it feel real is LOTS of lube. I was impressed at how this male stroker could withstand my husband’s forceful pounding and vice-like grip. It’s really a quality sex-toy that I’m contemplating buying more of!

His male stroker is so easy to clean! All it takes is a little gentle soap and water, then a safe non-obvious place to store it. I’ve seen other male strokers that are from the same company, FleshLight. They guarantee a premium product to deliver the real deal to straight and gay men alike. There’s one in the shape of a tight anus, while another is shaped like a pair of sensual lips to simulate a mind-numbing blowjob. The “mouth” tops over 4 million sales per year and it’s still the number one best sex toy you can get at an affordable price.

The male strokers are portable and handy for evenings where I’m just not in the mood for a romp in the bedroom. My entire outlook on male strokers and sex toys has changed for the better, and I can’t imagine being that jealous house-wife ever again. I’ve even purchased a nifty new vibrator so my hubby and I can share the thrill of masturbating together! Our sex toys have added so much passion and heat to our love life, and I encourage any woman to buy her man a male stroker just to see what you and he have been missing.

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