Orgasms Balls For Arousal & Pelvic Muscle Strength

by Raunchy Republic Manager on May 3, 2013

Orgasm balls are small, smooth sex toys that are almost always in pairs. They are inserted into the vagina where they can be held using pelvic and vaginal muscles, generally in the first few inches closest to the vaginal opening. Here is a set of orgasm balls, sometimes also referred to as ben-wa balls:

Orgams Balls or Ben-wa Balls

Orgasm balls vary in size however they tend to be between 1cm – 4cm in diameter. This allows them to be held comfortably by vaginal muscles while still being able to manipulate their position, direction and depth. It is this manipulation which, if done frequently, can help build muscle strength.

One of the more raunchy uses of orgasm balls for those that dare is to use them at work or in another public setting! Because they are completely inserted that can’t be seen no matter how shear or tight your clothing may be. While they may not give themselves away your facial expressions might – especially if you manage to give yourself an orgasm ;) They aren’t called orgasm balls for nothing you know!

After using orgasm balls for a little while women often realise just how much control they can exert along their vaginal cavity. Since most of the processes used during orgasm, sex in general and also urination are completed without much conscious thought or effort it is easy to forget that muscles in this area of the body can be controlled voluntarily with a little effort. Ladies you may have squeezed a partners penis during sex using your vaginal muscles – these muscles are your starting point for using orgasm balls.

If you are thinking about trying orgasm balls we say go for it. They are low cost sex toys that are worth the experiment and who knows, you may master both orgasm and vaginal control using these delightful little balls of joy!

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