Mini Wanachi or Maxi Wanachi?

by Raunchy Republic Manager on May 20, 2013

There are some sex toys that seem to be held with a higher regard than the others and the Mini Wanachi and Maxi Wanachi waterproof massagers are in that catgegory. Not only are they waterproof but they also rely on a whisper-quiet motor that allows the Wanachi to expertly massage muscles and of course the clitoris!

While Wanachi massagers are often referred to as muscle massagers they are most definately used as sex toys. Women love the control they can wield over their Wanachi when massaging their clit since the head is smooth yet firm and mounted on a flexible neck.

Mini Wanachi Massager

Mini Wanachi Waterproof Massager

As you would expect with high quality sex toys the Wanachi massagers are multi-speed. If you are new to vibrators you will find that options in vibrator speed are very useful. Sometimes you want one continuous pulse, other times you will want to mix it up. While the Mini Wanachi is of course the little brother to the Maxi Wanachi, it is no less effective.

Maxi Wanachi Massager

The Maxi Wanachi massagers has all of the features on the Mini however it is slightly larger and it does feel more powerful. If you actually want to use your Wanachi as a muscle massager then this would be the one for you.

Maxi Wanachi Waterproof Massager Boxed


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