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by Raunchy Republic Manager on June 17, 2013

While views towards sexuality and the various relationships people can have has broadened most people will still assume that sex toys are primarily focused towards women. Looking at the range of sex toys available today the point is well supported however male sex toys are now responsible for an ever increasing sector in the adult toys industry. So what types of sex toys for men are popular these days?

Here are the top 3 categories of sex toys for men that have been selling well in the past 12 months at Raunchy Republic:

Fleshlight male masturbation strokers

Fleshlights are perhaps the premium masturbation toy in many men’s minds. A Fleshlight is a sex toy that men can use to simulate oral, vaginal or anal sex and they come in a variety of colours and textures. Fleshlight also create a range of their sex toys that have been molded directly from the bodies of real pornstars. In fact, for many pornstars, having Fleshlight create a masturbator based on their body parts is seen as a real recognition of their popularity amongst adult movie fans.

Fleshlight Girls Katsuni Lotus Vagina

If you are thinking about buying a male sex toy for someone then you can’t do much better than buying a Fleshlight. And guys, if you are buying a sex toy for yourself then why not treat yourself to one of the best!

Prostate sex toys

While men a becoming more adventurous with their sex toy experimentation, this range might test the resolve of some. Prostate sex toys are male sex toys that are used anally to access the ‘P-spot’. Stimulating the prostate is highly arousing for men and for those that are willing to give it a go there are specialist sex toys designed to target this erogenous zone.

Tantus Prostate Health Vibrator

Prostate sex toys often take obscure shapes however this is because they are specially designed to access the prostate via the anus. Don’t let that worry you. And it is always recommended that you use lubricant when using adult toys anally.


Cockrings are a veteran of the sex toy industry that continue to get the job done. The idea behind cockrings is that they keep an erect penis harder and for longer by keeping blood in the penis. Standard cockrings are better described as a sexual aide however there are also vibrating models that work more like a sex toy and stimulate both partners during sex.

Magnetic Power Ring Dolphin Rider Double Cockring Renegade Vibrating Cockring Clear

If you try cockrings just be sure not to use them for any longer than half an hour at a time and don’t fall asleep with one on.

Ready to try male sex toys?

Don’t be afraid to give them a go guys. Male sex toys are here to stay so enjoy masturbation and sex to its fullest. You like orgasms, don’t you? Its time to man up!

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