Lubricant is Key to Masturbators Realism

by Raunchy Republic Manager on May 11, 2011

As one of the most popular sex toys available for men masturbators or strokers as they are often called are a sensation. The modern masturbator sex toys are made from materials that feel incredibly realistic however you can take this feeling to the next level – with lubricant.

Wile using a lubricant isn’t necessary to enjoy sex toys it can certainly make them feel a lot like real sex. Sex is always better when ample lubrication is present, be it natural lubrication or through the use of a lubricant purchased at a sex shop. This is probably never more important than when using a masturbator for men.

Masturbators are designed to replicate all three forms of sex for men: Oral sex, Vaginal sex and Anal sex. By using a quality lubricant along with your chosen masturbator you will struggle to feel any difference when compared to real sex.

Another benefit to using a lube is that the masturbator will last longer. Repeated friction over a period of time will begin to degrade the delightfully soft material used in the manufacture of masturbators. Lubricant will reduce the wear, dramatically adding to the life span of your favourite sex toy!

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