Big Dildos are Huge Fun

by Raunchy Republic Manager on January 27, 2011

Big Dildos

Can you handle a big dildo?

After using sex toys for a while some people find that they want more of a challenge. It’s no longer enough just to reach orgasm and call it a day. Instead, a few of us look for the next big thing – even if that next big thing is a huge dildo.

If you haven’t looked for a big dildo then you may be surprised at just how big they can get. They range from “ok, that’s bigger than usual” to “surely no human can handle that”.

Big dildos tend to be designed with smooth shafts with perhaps a few subtle contours. With smaller dildos it’s great to have some creativity in the design, but large dildos are already challenging enough. The straight shaft ensures you remain as comfortable as possible when using the big dildos.

It goes without saying that any experimentation with huge dildos should include a healthy amount of lubricant. Even if you usually produce enough natural lubricant it is still wise to use extra lube. Not only will this make using the sex toy a lot more fun it will help reduce and soreness later on. Lube is cheap and very effective so don’t hold back – use as much as you need.

Be sure to take your time when you start out with a big dildo. Give your body time to adjust to it’s size. Trying to handle the full girth too soon will take the fun away and make it seem more like an Olympic event instead of a raunchy adult experience. You’ll know when you are ready to take it deeper.

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