Are Glass Dildos Safe?

by Raunchy Republic Manager on January 23, 2010

Are Glass Dildos Safe?

The first time you heard about glass dildos you probably had a few things running through your mind. For many the thought of glass being inserted into the body doesn’t sound very safe however there is more to glass dildos than you may think.

The first thing you need to understand is that these sex toys are not made from the same glass used say in the windows of your car or house. They are in fact made from a very strong material call Borosilicate, a type of glass that resists shattering, cracking and thermal shock making it extremely durable. Most people refer to the material as Pyrex however this is simply the name given to such products produced by the the Corning Glass Works company in 1915.

Why use glass for sex toys?

Glass is almost ideal as a material for producing visually appealingĀ  and uniques designs, not only in the sex toy world. The shapes the designer can use are almost unrestricted, as are the colours. Also, smoothness is very easy to achieve which is obviously desirable.

Are they comfortable though?

Glass dildos are very comfortable and just as effective as any other sex toy material. While they are nice and firm and don’t flex there is absolutely no problem in terms of feeling too hard.

You may or may not need lubricant, depending on your own natural lubrication levels although it’s recommended if you use glass butt plugs or glass anal dildos (as with any anal sex toy use).

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