Adult Board Games & Sex Games

by Raunchy Republic Manager on May 5, 2013

There have been a lot of sex games invented over the years, you may have heard of a few or even played them. Typically the rules are passed along between people, changing over time and space. There are however sex games that have been produced professionally as board games and as other forms of adult novelties.

The great thing about sex games is that they can add excitement between new lovers or they can add new spark to a long standing relationship. By introducing an element of chance and randomness to sexual activity it adds to the arousal of sexual expectation. This is what foreplay is all about!

Sex games don’t need to be complex to be fun and erotic. The sex board games have some more rules as with any board game however they a great fun and always include plenty of sexual intrigue. Even a deck of sexual playing cards can present a number of options for raunchy fun and games.

Being able to play sex games with a partner is a good indicator as to the trust in a relationship. Since there is an element of vulnerability involved in playing adult games each player must overcome some of their inhibitions and offer themselves up to chance. Men in particular can have reservations about giving up this sort of control. But don’t worry guys, if there was ever a reason to be vulnerable it has to be in a sexual setting, right! Oh, and you don’t want to be seen as too chicken to play a sex game ;)

We think that the only problem you’ll have with playing sex games is finishing them! If you can get to the end of a game before giving into sexual tempation then you will be doing very well…

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