Internet Filters Already Exist

by Raunchy Republic Manager on August 5, 2009

Why is Senator Conroy reinventing the wheel?

Why is Senator Conroy reinventing the wheel?

We have all heard the debate about Australia’s proposed compulsory internet filter. Unlikely aliances have been formed in an effort to prevent any such filter however true to his roots, Senator Stephen Conroy persists in blindly trying to reinvent the wheel- albeit a square wheel in his case.

Stephen Conroy’s title is “Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy”. We aren’t sure where they got the “Passionate about the media and communications sector and about engaging with industry” from shown in his Biography because he certainly isn’t listening.

Internet Filtering – This Is Nothing New

The truth is many internet content filters already exist. And none of them curb the freedom of speech which is apparently paramount in all free societies.

Net Nanny for example has been around for many years and is very popular amongst parents who want to protect their children online without looking over their shoulder every five minutes.

How Webmasters Can Help Internet Filters

People who run websites can also take steps to protect children online when the content on their website isn’t suitable to minors.

Raunchy Republic is an example. We have labelled our website with two of the prominant filtering labels: RTA (Restricted To Adults) and ICRA (Internet Content Rating Association). These tags help internet filters determine if our content is safe for children. By telling filters our content is for adults only, the filter can prevent minors from accessing our website.

You will find that every responsible adult website owner will have either or both of these labels installed. They are not visible to human readers (unless you know how to view source code on websites).

Advice For Parents

The ASACP has created a page on their website with a fantastic list of links for parents who want to learn more about protecting children online. The ASACP is behind the RTA labelling program mentioned above.

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