Freedom to Buy Adult Toys

by Raunchy Republic Manager on June 21, 2013

Living in Australia we are priviliged enough to enjoy as much freedom of choice as just about any other nation on the planet. It may not seem like it but the freedom to buy adult toys is one that even other free nations do not permit their citizens to exercise.

Take Thailand for example. Thailand is a country synonymous with its adult entertainment bars and clubs along with its expansive sex industry. Yes selling adult toys is against the law. That’s right, it is illegal to sell adult toys in Thailand. Not only are retail sales banned but storing sex toys in a warehouse so they can be transported back out of the Kingdom for sale in other countries such as Australia is illegal.

Another example would be the United States. While the US is responsible for the majority of all adult toys and adult movies produced each year, many states of America do not permit the sale of adult toys. Fortunately most Americans will simply buy them over the internet and have them posted to their address, flouting the arcane laws that vilify adult toy retailers. It must seem strange to operate an adult toy business in such as system. If you set-up your store in a state where selling adult toys is legal and you are welcome to operate in a business environment where state and federal taxes will share in your profits. However if you go next door to a state that is more prohibitive and the same system will fine and possible imprison you.

When we talk about the legal issues regarding the sale of adult products in Australia it is always worth restating that selling and buying adult toys is legal in every Australian state and territory. The problems arise with X-rated movies, non-classified or refused classification films. X-rated movies can only be legally sold from the ACT and the NT. It is illegal to sell X-rated movies in every other Australian state. Non-classified and refused classification movies cannot be sold in any state or territory.

Selling adult toys needs to be done with a lot of responsibility. Its not enough to simply stop anyone under 18 years of age as there are other cummity standards that should be met. For example, many local councils will prohibit the opening of an adult store with so-many metres of establishments such as churches and schools. We, as an adult product retailer, fully agree with this standard. There are plenty of opportunities to open a store without having to expose minors to our industry.

So, we think it is your duty as a citizen of the free world to buy adult toys! But then, we may be a bit biased ;)

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