Australian Ratings Classification Laws Play Catch Up On Gaming

by Raunchy Republic Manager on June 28, 2012

It has been a long time coming however the Commonwealth Government in Australia has finally made way for an adults only classification for games – much to the delight of the mass of adult gamers. The move is long overdue and finally brings the classification system inline with the gaming trends over the past decade.

It has been well recorded over the last ten years that males in particular are playing computer and console games in large numbers well into their thirties. These players are an ideal demographic for game producers with their larger disposable incomes compared to their teenage counterparts. Despite these users forming a large section of the gaming community, various Christian movements have done their best to keep them being treated as children, limiting their gaming options to the MA15+ classification.

With the Commonwealth Government’s stance now assured the various states and territories will pass their own laws to formalise the regulation of these changes. These are expected to go through without much fuss. However, there will undoubtedly be ongoing harassment of state politicians by the Christian lobby groups that like to decide what is good for everyone else, despite the fact that they have not been elected to speak for or represent us.

Adult gamers and advocates for the new R18+ rating should keep a close eye on how the changes are implemented as this change could actually present an opportunity for their opponents. There is a risk that the MA15+ rating will be drastically reshaped to be far more restrictive than it is presently. The R18+ rating will then become a simple renaming of the old MA15+ restrictions, with no more scope than there is already. In essence, nothing will have changed to allow more intense games to be played by adults.

While the topic of gaming might not mean much to most of Australians the issue of classification is crucial to us all. It is after all a form of censorship and while it certainly has its place, it must be exercised with caution by any country claiming to be democratic and free. We believe this move in gaming classification finally indicate some maturity on the issue, and gives us hope that reasoning, and not religious scare mongering by any faith, will decide the laws of this country.

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