Who Would Have Thought

The Penis Shaped Cake

by Raunchy Republic Manager on March 12, 2013

Some of the Raunchologists here at Raunchy Republic HQ decided to bake a cake this morning and in true raunchy style they have produced something special. But we don’t have a name for it! What do you think we should call it? Add your naming suggestions and see what others have suggested on the Raunchy […]

The REAL Gangnam Style

by Raunchy Republic Manager on March 5, 2013

So we have all seen the Gangnam Style music video but we may have just uncovered the REAL Gangnam Style. Here it is: We always thought that the Gangnam Style dance should be done with pants down and ass up! This was created by the erotic cartoon genius behind the Art of Jaguar website. The […]

How Big Was King Kong’s Penis?

by Raunchy Republic Manager on February 12, 2013

A while back we posted an image on the Raunchy Republic Facebook page that made reference to the great beast’s penis size. Well, we’ve done the math and it seems Kong really did have reason to be angry! According to Peter Jackson, director of the 2005 version of King Kong, the mythical Gorilla stood 25 […]

Japanese Sex Toys

by Contributor on November 2, 2011

My last day in Tokyo, Japan and I was getting ready to leave for my flight back. Leaving the fascinating city of extreme contradictions I took with me memories and stories that I couldn’t wait to share. It was my first time in Japan and although I have heard, seen and read so much about […]

When Airport Security Suspicions Get Really Aroused

by Raunchy Republic Manager on February 12, 2010

These days we’ve all become familiar with the heightened security at our airports but as one security insider tells us, there is more than just terrorism suspects arousing our security personnel’s interest. Most people feel somewhat awkward having a stranger go through our luggage, especially when you are one of the random searches conducted in […]

Sex for Science

by Rabbit White on November 4, 2009

What would you do sexually, in the name of science? Nerve.com has a fantastic group of articles covering that very inquiry. I was excited to come across this bunch of delicious sex-writing as it was on the coattails of Time Out’s lackluster sex issue. Nerve’s “I did it for Science” really hit the sweet-spot. The […]

Couture Condoms

by Rabbit White on October 10, 2009

I don’t have a penis, but if I did, it would be excited about these custom-fit condoms (PDF file). All you have to do is print out the tool-sizing-tool, measure your guy then order the specialty tailored rubbers. Why is this a good thing? Well as an example did you know that the US Food […]

What’s Your Fantasy?

by Rabbit White on September 28, 2009

What if a film crew were willing to make any sexual fantasy of yours come true…no matter how elaborate, as long as they could document it. Would you do it? I recently watched a documentary that presented this very proposition to regular people on the street…and they were serious about the coming true part. Acting […]